SS Heating Element (เส้นลวดทนความร้อน)

ID : F01016
Name : SS Heating Element (เส้นลวดทนความร้อน)
Details : Molybdenum Disilicide (MoSi2) heating element is a resistance generate-heating component made from MoSi2 or the basic material. It is used in high temperature under the oxidizing atmosphere, it looks like glass in its surface and form a light SiO2 glass film which can protect the element not to be oxidized. So this kind of element has unique effect for resisting oxidization in the high temperature. It is used to the highest temperature up to 1800C during oxidizing atmosphere. MoSi2 heating element can usually make use of furnace temperature from 1300C to 1800C
Remark :

d = the diameter of hot zone
c = the diameter of cold zone
Le = the length of hot zone
Lu = the length of cold zone

Standard sizes :
M1700 type (d/c): dia3/6, dia4/9, dia6/12, dia9/18, dia12/24
M1800 type (d/c): dia3/6, dia4/9, dia6/12, dia9/18, dia12/24

MoSi2 heating elements physics and chemistry characters :

1. Physics Characters

Volume Density Bending Strength Vickers Hardness Porosity Water absorption   Heating Elongation Rate
5.5  g/cm3 15-25 kg/cm3 (HV)570kg/mm2 7.4% 1.2% 4%
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