Alumina Crucible 2000 Celsius

Alumina Crucible 2000 Celsius
ID : F07107
Name : Alumina Crucible 2000 Celsius
Details : Alumina crucible is used for testing laboratory and a variety of industrial analysis. Alumina ceramic crucible and corundum crucible include: arc alumina crucible, square alumina crucible, rectangle alumina ceramic crucible, column ceramic crucible and a variety of shaped alumina ceramic crucible.
Remark :

Characters of alumina crucible and corundum crucible :

1. High purity: Al2O3>99%, high chemical etching resistance
2. Temperature tolerance, at 1850℃ for long term application, and at 2000℃ for short term application
3. Resistant to sudden cold and hot, un-explosive
4. High density of slip casting

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