Foredom SR series (เครื่องกรอ)

Foredom SR series (เครื่องกรอ)
ID : #04062
Name : Foredom SR series (เครื่องกรอ)
Details :

Foredom SR series 1/6HP flex shaft motor is reversible, so you can turn your tools forward or in reverse. Maximum RPM is 18,000.

More PowerThe all new 1/6 hp, ball bearing Series SR has 33% more power than the 1/8hp Series S motors and 66% more than the 1/10 hp Series CC. The added power helps to reduce stalling or slowing down under normal workloads.

Reversible, This is a great feature for lefties, and helps to keep debris flying away from-not toward-both right and left handed users. You can back out drill bits and extend the life of some abrasives by alternating direction. It is also good for accomplishing symmetrical grinding, carving and polishing techniques.

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