SS Zoom Stereo Microscope

SS Zoom Stereo Microscope
ID : #031082
Name : SS Zoom Stereo Microscope
Details :

SS-45 series zoom stereo microscopes is newly, fully coated optical system sharp and clear images with extremely good flatness and contrast. The images are brighter and more distinct even as the periphery of the field of view. Numerous types of bases and stands are suitable for any type of use. A rich range of accessories considerably increases the potential of these instruments.

Specifications :

Magnification : 0.7X to 4.5X
Zoom ratio : 6.7:1
Working distance : 100 mm
WF eyepiece : WF10X20 mm

Optical parameter :

Objective 0.7X-4.5X zoom ratio 6.4:1
Eyepiece Auxiliary lens - 0.5X 1.5X 2X
Magnification 7.0X-45.0X 3.5X-22.5X 10.5X-67.5X 14X-90X
View field 28.6 -4.4 mm 51.7-8.9 mm 19-3 mm 14.3-2.2 mm
Magnification 10.5X-67.5X 5.25X-33.75X 15.75X-101.25X 21X-135X
View field 21.1-3.3 mm 42.8-6.7 mm 14.3-2.2 mm 10.7-1.7 mm
Magnification 14.0X-90.0X 7.0X-45.0X 21.0X-135.0X 28X-180X
View field 14.3-2.2 mm 28.6-4.4 mm 9.5-1.5 mm 7.7-1.1 mm
Working distance 100 mm 165 mm 45 mm 30 mm

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